Foundation club

Laying the Foundation for our Future
The Brunswick County Home Builders Association is thrilled to present The Foundation Club, a special once a year sponsorship package.  The Foundation Club allows you as a member, the ability to budget in advance, and utilize your funds in ways that fully benefit your company.  Designed to bundle the various marketing options offered by the BCHBA, The Foundation Club gives our members increased opportunities for exposure while making the most of their advertising dollars.

The Foundation Club will afford the organization the opportunity to plan and execute future events and initiatives aimed at benefitting the entire membership without having to call on members for contributions time after time.  The Foundation Club was designed as a basis for ensuring success for the HBA and its members.  Through this program, the BCHBA will be able to sustain current undertakings and develop new programs and tools aimed at supporting our members and the building industry in general.

Don’t miss this special once a year opportunity.

•Be part of an exclusive sponsorship program.
•Position yourself as a leader in your field.
•No matter what the size of your company’s budget, there is a sponsorship level for you.
•The club provides a platform with multiple opportunities to place your business in the spotlight.
•Rise above the competition.
•Enhanced value for your investment.
•Never be solicited for sponsorship throughout the year.
•Invest in your future and the future of the BCHBA.
•Contribute to the growth and success of the building industry.
•Network, grow your business, and have fun!

Call the HBA for more information, and to find out how you can become a member of The Foundation Club.

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